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Disney CastleMilky Way from Olmstead PointDisneyland California AdventureMilky Way from Pinnacles National MonumentWalkway at Bellagio, Las VegasPinnacles Star TrailRaining Stars over Tenaya LakePigeon Point Lighthouse, Pascadero, Hwy1 CAMilky Way over Half Dome from Olmstead PointPainted Sisters - San FranciscoPalace of Fine Arts - San FranciscoZooming vehicles in front of Painted Sisters - San Francisco‎'San Francisco Heart line' - Market Street running through the city as viewed from Twin Peaks on a clear sky night (a rarity in SF!)Horse Shoe Bend over San FranciscoFerris Wheel at Christmas in the Park, San JoseDesert Palm and Star Trails, Death ValleyPigeon Point - Annual Fresnel Lighting'Once in a red moon' - Moon rolls over the Golden Gate CableWho shines more - Competition between Moon and Golden GateMoon light over pacific and Golden Gate

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